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College Applications can be a daunting task. Is the school on the common application, a state wide application or school specific application, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. However getting into college should not be the difficult part. By streamlining the college applications process you can finish all your applications without stressing out. 

Organizing and filling out college applications is a matter of planning ahead and finishing well in advance of final deadlines. It is important to collect all necessary information for applications before starting an application. Gathering grades, standardized test scores, and financial aid materials from the onset will ease the process and time of applying for schools. Ideally students should choose the schools they would like to apply for in early September or before their senior of high school. After selecting the university in which you would like to apply to, it is imperative to do research on the schools application and the documents required to complete it. While researching it is a good idea to confirm application deadlines and mailing addresses. 

College application essays are the time for students to shine. An essay is the only opportunity the student has on college applications to have a "one on one" with the admissions board. The essay should not be a plea for admittance, the essay is a distinguishing piece of the application. College applications are chiefly based on numbers and titles but the essay is a time when creativity and intuitiveness is rewarded. Structuring an informative and intriguing essay is the key to success in this department. After writing the essay, it’s up to a student’s academics and teacher recommendation. 

Teacher recommendations are a crucial part of the process since they are the only other people talking on your behalf. Be sure to create a strong friendship with a teacher throughout high school with a professor or councilor. The better the recommender knows you the more real and influential recommendation they can write. If they talk to a student good points and know special attributes of the student they can speak to those for a strong recommendation. It is important to give professor sufficient time to write a recommendation, they are doing the student a favor and pressuring them at the last minute will result in a poor recommendation. 

Completing the writing and recommendation portions of the application are the most time consuming but they are not the only part of college applications . College applications always require a transcript and test scores, unfortunately turning them in is not enough. Students should follow up via the internet or a phone call to make sure the university has received both before the deadline. Finishing college applications with time to spare is a great feeling, especially since deadlines are centered around the holidays. 

College applications should not loom over students head first semester senior year, by being proactive a student can have a stress free application process. College applications are posted months in advance so do not be afraid to start early and work your way through slowly. Following up on college applications and with professors will insure a successful application process and great results.

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