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Study Tips for College Success

The first year of college can be both exciting and academically demanding. College professors expect college freshman to know how to study, manage their time, read critically, be able to take good notes, and write college level papers. These study tips will help college freshman learn how to study effectively and be prepared to ace any exam. 

One of the most important study tips focuses on how to manage your time. Most first year students wait to the last minute and cram for exams. This is the least effective way to prepare for an exam. At the beginning of the semester each professor will give students a syllabus. This syllabus will describe what students will study and provide a list of key dates. Purchase a student planner and write down the test dates, quiz dates, and assignment due dates. Next, make a note of what chapter you should be on when you go to class. Go through your textbook and divide it up into short daily readings and write them down so that you’ll be at the right point in the chapter when you go to lectures. The lectures will reinforce what you’ve read if you keep up will class readings. The most important aspect of these study tips is figuring the best way to manage your time so that you can easily keep up with all your tasks. 

Other study tips include learning how to read textbooks and remember what you’ve read weeks later for the exam. As you read, pick out the main ideas and highlight or underline key words or phrases. After reading a section in your textbook, try to create a visual image of what you’ve read; include your senses and write down what the text made you see, hear, feel, smell, or taste. If what you’ve read is dry and can’t think of a visual image, try to make an outline or an argument about what you’ve read. What’s important about these study tips is trying to find a way to cement what you’ve read into your memory. 

Other study tips include learning how to take notes and discovering your professors teaching style. Each professor has a unique teaching style. It’s important to pay close attention to what your professor stresses as important. Some professors only focus on textbooks; others test on both lectures and the textbook readings. Also, a few kind professors will say, “pay attention” when they are mentioning testable information. Note taking should be easy if you have read the chapter and are up to date on what’s going on in class. You don’t have to write down every word the professor says in a lecture. Just write down anything new information. Many students also find it useful to go over their notes right after class to make sure the notes are readable and make sense. These study tips help students to be able to understand their notes when they need to go back over them to prepare for a quiz or exam. 

The last study tips include learning how to best memorize lists of key terms and other information. Index cards are the most useful tools for memorizing anything from key terms to how to perform math problems for a test. On the front of each card write down what you need to learn and on the back of each card write down the answer. Then test yourself repeatedly until you have learned what you need to know. These study tips help you to remember what you need to know to be successful for quizzes and tests. 

In conclusion, first year students must learn to manage their time, read textbooks thoroughly, take efficient notes, and use tools such as index cards as memory tools. These study tips should help any freshman to succeed in an academically demanding first year of college.

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